Urban Life

Disruptions in cities

Shiv Kumar

Cities are likely to be future of India many believe. Life in cities especially the mega cities is extremely fast. A minor disruption in the system can lead to rush of adrenaline. The wrath is most likely to be directed at the establishment.

A traffic jam because of improper parking by some motorists, potholes on roads, frequent power cuts, quarrels with other drivers on roads, disruption in water supply, uncivilized and rude treatment by officials, and regular harassment of a woman by eve-teasers can be some basic issues which can produce an ‘angry citizen’ who nurses a strong grudge against the system.

Some might be reactionary enough to vote against the incumbent. Some might express their ire through writings, protests and abuses. Some are most likely to be forced to use unlawful means. Does modern governance intends to produce angry citizens?

The intent of governance has to be smooth delivery of services and necessities to citizens. Any disruption would expose the inadequacies of our system. Hopefully, no right thinking politician wants to earn people’s apathy. And no system runs perfectly. We know things will never be perfect. Yet there has to be an attempt by powers that be to continuously endeavor towards improving the system.

At times, establishment faces scarcity of resources. However, we have to ensure optimum use of our resources by setting our priorities right, and instilling efficiency.

There would be people in the system that will be against change. Such parasites need to be replaced with people having right aptitude for the job and right intentions. There can be no substitutes for hardwork and creativity.

There are many gigantic problems. Nobody expects officers and government agencies to find solution to all problems created by nature and humans immediately. But the direction and intent has to be right so that a solution can be found in due course of time. One cannot improve the drainage system of cities overnight. No one can supply water 24×7 in cities. But disruption has to be averted by being alert and proactive and giving a fast and effective response.

The pessimism that nothing can be done in India has to give way to optimism. The administration should be seen to be doing enough to stop disruptions.  And things have improved in the near past. Therefore they can improve in future too.


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