Oh pollution

Shiv Kumar

The sight of thick smog enveloping Delhi and its vicinity post Diwali is shocking. The haze has occurred despite enough preaching on pollution control in the recent past. Delhi has tried newer methods like Odd-Even with a lot of cooperation from people showing their desire to fight pollution but the pollution produced during diwali contradicts their aspirations. Unconfirmed reports indicate that cracker sales during diwali are down. Why has it then produced such a terrible post diwali consequences? Have the crackers become more polluting(toxic) or the cocktail of chemicals produced by crackers and already present pollutants in air become deadlier?

I am 38 years and cannot recall such a smoky diwali aftermaths during my lifetime. Are weather gods conspiring with Delhi police to defame Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal on the instructions of PM Narendra Modi? Just on a lighter note!

Yet to come across something like eco-friendly crackers like eco-friendly colours for Holi! Why should one bother as the crackers must produce the most scintillating effect and maximum noise? A lot of imported stuff is purchased these days without going in the nitty-gritty of quality and impact on environment. We just buy it as it is cheap and produces a momentary high in audiences after the blast. Have we bothered about the nature of paper being used in crackers? Are we concerned about combination of explosives used and its effect on environment? Is the fire crackers industry concerned about people’s health as we are concerned about their livelihood? Who tests the quality of imported stuff? Will somebody sitting thousands of kilometers away making money because of your foolishness be as interested in your health as you are?

Home to a highly aware citizenry, Delhi is one of the most progressive cities in the country. It seems they are not worried about future of their children when they are in celebrating mode. Have delhiites exhausted all other methods of enjoyment like dance, music, plays, drama, sports, etc. and have to take recourse to sound and light of fire crackers to show their energy levels? A sikh farmer from Punjab or a jaat farmer from Haryana is not responsible for Delhi’s pollution—me and you could be.

Because government doesn’t have a magic wand does not give us the freedom to keep polluting endlessly. All educated people need to be concerned about their individual gross harm to ecology. We need to reduce our carbon footprints individually. Government will do whatever it can.


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